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The Heartsurge collective is proud to present to you; Exhibit 2. Containing 20 high quality solo works and vibrant collaborations, all for the sake of motivating our artists to seek their boundaries and break them, it showcases the enormous amount of talent that this group has to offer.

Without further ado; we can only direct you to the pack itself to show you what we mean.

We are also eager to announce that we are dropping the "Abstract only" label. To further our progress as an art collective, it is imperative that we accept creativity from all sides of art. We now accept all sorts of art; with a heavy eye on quality of course. If you think you are creative enough to be a part of theHeartsurge family; please go over to and apply to be an artist!

With kind regards,

the Heartsurge collective.

My piece honestly wasn't done I was having a block, I probably will add more to it later anyways, even if it is too late to change it for the release..
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pwnfuse Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010
It was some good work done.
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November 7, 2010